The smallest details, like the back pocket placement, are so incredibly important. It can take several fit sessions to get that part just right. It could be as small as moving a back pocket 4mm up or down to get the most flattering position. Our dedicated pattern makers and denim design team have curved the waistband on the women's jeans to give them that lifting effect. We've thought about all the details so you don't have to.


We recommend that you don't wash your raw jeans for at least six months to break down the denim and make your own distress marks and fading that are personal to you.



Q1. What’s the best thing you brought back from your recent trip to Tokyo?
K - A vintage indigo kimono.


Q2. What is your signature wash?
K - The wash is the first thing that attracts me to a pair of jeans – it is a huge part of what I love about denim. Dark, saturated washes are my go-to favourite, however washed-out, vintage blues are a great change for summer.


Q3.Where did you last travel to for work?
K - Barcelona / LA / London. We attended the Premiere Vision Denim Faire in Barcelona to source new fabrications for next season. Every single season, we look through hundreds of fabrics to find the best denim from the best mills in the world.


Q4. What was the biggest denim trend while you were travelling?
K - On the streets of London it was all about black skinny jeans with ripped knees. They were everywhere! literally everyone was wearing them!