ceramic events

At JAG, we believe in a sense of community. With a love of nature and adventure at the core of everything we do, JAG strives to create clothing that our customers can live in. Our curated range embodies a carefree spirit that doesn’t fall short when it comes to quality, offering essentials that can be worn and re-worn wherever your wanderlust takes you.

Our garments are made with a sharp attention to detail to ensure that only the best makes its way into your wardrobe so that you can focus on the more important things in life. With high quality pieces made to go the distance with you, JAG products are each crafted from low impact fabrics such as linen and cotton-blended linen for durability that knows how to last. With a current low impact target of reaching 95% low impact fibres by 2025, we are well on the way to hit this goal at 65% low impact fibres to date.

ceramic events
ceramic events

With a broad range of modern styles that stretch from sweeping maxi dresses to denim shorts, polo shirts, basic tees, playsuits and blazers, JAG is made to epitomise modern Australian style.

ceramic events

In collaboration with Life Without Andy, our JAG community participated in an hour and a half ceramics session at Bondi’s own Porch Ceramics, overlooking the picturesque Tamarama beach while sipping on margaritas and negronis! Our ceramics session was followed by a beautiful organic lunch curated by Porch and Parlour, complete with natural wines by Minimum Wines and a soothing acoustic performance by Josh Kempen.

ceramic events
ceramic events
ceramic events
ceramic events

Porch Ceramics


Natural wine

Life without Andy- Photography and motion


Guests-b Friends of Jag

@joshkempen- musician