to produce responsibly-made garments, we source from mills with a strong social and environmental philosophy. by making conscious fabric choices, we are able to improve our qualities and minimise impacts.

whenever possible, our designs prioritise natural, organic and recycled fibres.


linen is a breathable, low-irritant fibre made from the flax plant. gentle to the planet, it leaves no waste after harvesting and requires less water and energy to produce.

over 60% of the linen we choose to use is naturally rather than chemically retted. this is a process that reduces the use of harmful chemicals. our aim in the upcoming years is to have 100% naturally retted linen.

we are making strides to shift our conventional cottons to more responsible cotton sources. we first introduced styles using organic and recycled cotton in our high summer 2019 collection.

organic cotton is a sustainable, easy-care fibre grown without the use of synthetic fertilisers, geneticallymodified organisms or ionising radiation. it also requires much less irrigation as it primarily relies on rainwater.

only textile products that contain a minimum of 70% organic fibres can become global organic textile standard (gots) certified. this certification ensures that it has been sourced correctly using methods and materials only allowed in organic production.

recycled cotton is a fibre made from pre (factory waste) and post (recycled clothing) consumer waste. instead of sourcing new cotton, this allows us to recycle materials that would otherwise end up in landfill and give them a new life.

where possible we are replacing traditional cotton with recycled. in order to make sure the quality of the fabric is maintained to our highest standard, we currently do not use more than 35% recycled cotton in our qualities.

since 1972, we’ve been synonymous with creating high quality denim that only grows more beautiful with time. however, denim is a thirsty fabric – especially in regards to water and chemical consumption. that’s why we are working ambitiously to discover new ways of producing and manufacturing.

we work closely with our factories in china, indonesia and vietnam. strategically, these factories use low impact washing methods that require less h20 and are continually looking for innovative measures that can help us reduce any waste we can.

our denim qualities are sourced from renowned mills in asia and europe who take environmental standards seriously. they share a common vision of accountability and transparency which we think is great.

at the moment, our key denim focus is on the raw material aspect. this means shifting to a more responsibly-sourced mix of recycled, organic and natural fibres.

synthetics are only used to enhance the quality and longevity of certain garments, however we are seeking out better alternatives.

to tackle the issue, we’re looking to reduce all virgin synthetics in our products and switch to recycled where possible.