fabric testing

fabric testing

to promote mindful consumption, we are constantly reviewing and improving our qualities.

fabrics are always tested to the highest international standard. we want to be sure the end product is something we’re all proud of – made to last and only better with age.


basically, we test for 95% recovery when there is more than 5% elastane present in a garment. those with less than 5% elastane are tested to achieve 90% recovery.

this is especially important when it comes to our jeans and denim pieces. not only does it keep them looking new for longer, it also keeps the fit consistent throughout the day.

after 14,000 revolution rubs on wools and 1,000 rubs on woven knits, we expect garments to achieve no less than a grade of 3/5 on our pill tests.

however, the exception is cashmere. due to the nature of the fibre, it can only achieve a grade of 2/3.

tear strength is used to measure performance, durability and in essence how resistant our fabrics are to tearing and ripping. these tests are all carried out in labs with test machines. they have a set force applied which simulates the fabric being pulled, then reviewed, assessed and graded.