how to care

how to care

with respect to our planet and people, we consider the lifecycle of every product from start to finish.

here are some easy ways to reduce your carbon footprint and give your jag pieces a longer life.


either hand or machine wash. use cold water and a gentle soap without brighteners – they're super harsh on linen and will cause damage to the fibres.

when using a washing machine, choose a short cycle to conserve energy. if it’s only dirty in a small place, just spot treat it.

every jag product is tested to be hand or machine washable. this helps to reduce the harmful toxicity and co2 emissions associated with dry cleaning.

remember to only wash as needed. not only are you saving on water and detergent, you’re also extending the lifespan of your clothing.

hint: low phosphate detergents are better for the environment. check the packaging for a 'p' meaning low phosphorus or (better yet) 'np' meaning it contains 0 to 0.5% phosphorus.

skip the dryer. it’s no secret that it’s not great for our carbon footprint. plus, it can cause wear and strain on your precious pieces.

to get rid of any creases, run a warm iron over your damp linen. then, hang or lay flat to dry. the sun is quick to fade clothing, so avoid leaving colours in the sunlight for too long.

when it comes to denim, think ‘wear more, wash less’. in reality, they should avoid a spin in the washing machine for as long as possible.

first, consider bagging and putting them in the freezer for a day or two. this will kill bacteria and odours, and keep your jeans in better shape.

to wash, turn your denim inside-out and place on a cold water cycle. cold water keeps the colour you love and protects them from shrinking or fading.

exposing your denim to long periods of heat will damage the fibres and speed up the ageing process. opt for a natural drying method to preserve the fit, avoid shrinkage and eliminate the emission of unnecessary greenhouse gases.

after washing, shake your denim to flatten out the creases and either hang or lay flat. exposure to sunlight may affect the colour, so it’s best to keep your garment in the shade.

of course air-drying will cause your denim to feel a bit stiff at first, but it won’t take long for them to revert back to their original softness.