we are part of a wider community of trusted makers and co-creators. each factory in our supply chain is selected for its commitment to quality, innovation and its employees. we visit them often, and work to build and uphold strong relationships.

the maintenance of fair working conditions is integral in what we do. we believe all clothing should be made in a safe environment with respect to everyone, including our planet.


overall grade for jag is A–


transparency and traceability

auditing and supplier relationships

worker empowerment

environmental management


Why it matters: Policies form the standards that brands want their production to adhere to. They are the baseline by which a brand can measure the effectiveness of its overall efforts to uphold worker rights.
What we assess: Provisions to prohibit forced labour and child labour, allow for freedom of association and protect worker health and safety; whether a brand intends its policies to cover the entire production process; whether the brand is undertaking important measures towards improving working conditions in facilities.

Transparency and Traceability

Why it matters: In order to ensure that worker rights are being upheld, brands need to know which facilities are responsible for the production of their product.
What we assess: How much of the supply chain a company has traced; what it does to monitor and address subcontracting; what efforts it is undertaking to trace the remainder of its supply chain; a brand’s transparency and how willing they are to be held accountable through the information it shares about it’s supply chain.

Auditing and Supplier Relationships

Why it matters: Monitoring facilities and building relationships are critical to ensuring policies are adhered to and improvements in working conditions are being delivered. While no monitoring process is perfect, high quality monitoring helps to provide a better understanding of the conditions of workers. A focus on strengthening relationships allows trust building, and increases a brand’s capacity to drive change.
What we assess: What percentage of production facilities are audited; whether unannounced and offsite worker interviews and anonymous worker surveys are used; whether checks are done on high risk activities like labour brokers and recruitment fees; whether the brand is willing to be transparent about its results and remedial actions; whether brands are actively involved in building supplier relationships through consolidation, collaboration, supplier training and long term relationship building.

Worker Empowerment

Why it matters: For a labour rights system to improve working conditions, workers must be empowered, allowed a voice, and have their most critical concerns addressed. It is workers themselves who have the best visibility of working conditions.
What we assess: Whether workers are able to unite through democratic trade unions; whether collective bargaining agreements have been established; whether effective grievance mechanisms are in place; whether workers are receiving a living wage so they can support their families; a brand’s efforts in moving towards paying a living wage.

Environmental Management

Why it matters: The fashion supply chain can cause significant environmental degradation, which affects the wellbeing of workers, the communities they live in, and their natural environment. By assessing the materials and facilities they use to make their products, brands can take informed steps to reduce their environmental impact from the farm to the final item of clothing.
What we assess: Whether the company has done its own assessment of the environmental impact throughout its supply chain; the percentage of sustainable materials used; if the company has collected data on water use and chemical use in its facilities; monitoring systems to improve chemical and water management; whether take-back and repair programs have been offered to customers.

the apg & co code of conduct for manufacturers and suppliers (including authorised sub contractors / mills and trim sources) defines minimum standards of ethical and responsible behaviour. we require everyone to operate in compliance with the requirements of applicable local laws and regulations. we recognise that different culture, legal and ethical systems exist in the countries in which product may be manufactured. this code of conduct sets out the fundamental requirements that must be satisfied.

employment is freely chosen

no forced, bonded or involuntary prison labour.

safe and hygienic working conditions

a safe and healthy workplace must be provided for employees, to prevent accidents and injury to health arising out of supplier operations. conditions throughout a supplier’s facility must be safe, clean and meet or exceed requirements of all applicable laws and regulations regarding health and safety. employees must be trained and equipped to perform their jobs safely.

minimum wages paid

suppliers will ensure that wages paid for a working week must be at least the minimum national legal or the collective bargaining agreement, should the latter be higher.

no discrimination

suppliers will not discriminate in employment including hiring, compensation, advancement, discipline, termination or retirement on the basis of gender, race, religion, age, disability, sexual orientation, nationality, political opinion, social groups or ethnic origin.

no harsh or inhumane treatment

treat all employees with respect and dignity. suppliers will have procedures in place to ensure that no worker is subject to any physical, sexual, psychological or verbal abuse.

anti bribery and corruption

apg & co do not tolerate the practice of bribery and corruption of any manner in dealings with a supplier, sub-contractor or any of their employees or associated parties.


suppliers shall carry out their activities in an honest, ethical and transparent way. suppliers must disclose all manufacturing sources and not refuse any form of inspection from either apg & co or a 3rd party auditor.

workplace safety

suppliers will have a clear emergency management plan in place to ensure the safe, orderly and timely evacuation of workers in the event of an emergency. personal protection equipment must also be available for workers at no extra cost to them. these policies must be displayed on the premises.


apg & co employs internal, as well as independent auditors to conduct onsite inspections to ensure compliance with this code of conduct. detailed compliance records are maintained on all facilities.

freedom of association and the right to collective bargaining are respected

all employees shall have the right of association, union membership, collective bargaining as well as adequate workers representation. where the rights to either are restricted under local law, the appropriate channels to ensure reasonable and independent exercise of such rights must be designed and readily accessible.

child labour shall not be used

no workers to be employed that are under the age stipulated by the local / regional legal limit requirement for work.

fair working hours

working hours for all employees must comply with national / local laws, whichever provides greater protection. in any event, workers shall not on a regular basis be required to work in excess of 48 hours per week and shall be provided with at least one day off for every 7 day period. overtime will be voluntary, and shall not exceed 12 hours per week.

regular employment

to every extent possible work performed must be on the basis of the recognised employment relationship established through national law and practise.

environmental awareness

suppliers shall be committed at all times to protect the environment and shall comply with the standards and requirements of the applicable and international laws and regulations.

animal welfare

we consider it unacceptable to harm animals in the manufacture of our products. the use of the following are not permitted, angora, animal fur, endangered species, karakul product.

uzbek cotton

due to the reported use of child and forced labour in the cotton cultivation in uzbekistan, we are against the use of uzbek raw cotton in apg & co products.


if you believe your rights have been violated, please contact apg & co through any of these channels: email:

other free contact methods wechat id: apgchinahotline | whatsapp: +84 973143122

all communication will be treated in the strictest confidence.

apg & co expects and demands that each of its business units, all of its employees and its directors carry out their business and perform their duties to the highest ethical and environmental standards, and promote safe and fair working conditions in compliance with all relevant legal principles. this standard of behaviour and performance is maintained in the company’s dealings with employees, customers, suppliers and all other stakeholders.

general principles

the company and its employees will at all times demonstrate the highest levels of integrity, truthfulness and honesty in order to uphold both personal and corporate reputations, and inspire confidence and trust in their respective actions. the company will conduct its business in a competent, fair, impartial and efficient manner.

health and safety

the company is committed to providing a safe and healthy working environment for all of its employees both on and off its sites. there is a program of regular health and safety audits, and safety training.


the company respects the environment, and the need to protect and minimise the impact its operations have on it. it is engaged in a continuous program of improvement on environmental issues.


all employees are treated with dignity and respect with equal employment opportunities given to all irrespective of their race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, pregnancy, marital status, family status, disability, age or national origin. employees are offered a safe and healthy workplace and the company will not tolerate any form of harassment.


the company will take all reasonable care to avoid misleading statements, concealment and overstatement in all of its advertising and public statements. it will seek to build long term partnerships with its customers by being honest and straightforward in its dealings at all times. it will respect the confidentiality of any information it may obtain in relation to its customers.


suppliers will be chosen on the basis of factors such as ethical and sustainability practices, price, quality, delivery and service. the company’s choice of suppliers will be made objectively. honesty and openness will be paramount in the company’s dealings with its suppliers.