The moments we cherish most are those spent with her…

Here, we travel ocean-side with inspiring sisters Emma Henderson and Victoria Beattie of The Beach People. Between capturing moments of bliss, we keep motherhood at the heart of our discussion.

To you, what is motherhood?

Victoria: Motherhood is one of life’s perfectly imperfect pleasures. I love it all. The magic moments, the meltdowns and everything in-between…

Emma: A crazy rollercoaster of emotions. Extreme love, joy and happiness, followed by extreme frustration and stress (haha).

In-between running a business and being a mum, how do you take the time for a bit of self-care?

Victoria: Emma and I are passionate about this subject. It’s one we get asked all the time…work-life balance and 'me time' or lack thereof! We have pretty clear boundaries. We switch-off after 5pm, and weekends are free for family time and friends. We schedule time out weekly/monthly with our husbands for dates. When the kids are grown-up, we still want to be in love with our husbands. We made a decision to do the things we love everyday – like walks on the beach and pilates.

Emma: When you own your own business there is no limit to how hard you can work. There is always something pressing to do and always things that need Vic and I’s attention – that’s business! Vic and I learnt this lesson in our first year. We then just made some simple, easy boundaries to live by and it made all the difference. I do pilates, and that is my ‘me time.’ Then, evenings are just for my gals. I have three daughters: Lucia (7), Daisy (6) and Fern (2). The phone is away, and I’m just with them until they go to bed. It fills my love tank and theirs. Simple, but life changing.

Describe an ideal day with your little ones.

Victoria: A cup of tea in bed reading books, followed by beach play and a visit to the cousins (Emma’s place). Theodore is obsessed with them! We also love crashing their Saturday ramen night! Emma: Lazy Saturday pancakes and a long play at the beach. Home for snoozes and out to our favourite family restaurant for ramen noodle bowls and ice cream!

What are your top JAG picks for the season?

Victoria: I’m 30ish weeks pregnant and loving the linen wrap dress and stretch cotton dress – so comfy in a stylish way.


Which Beach People accessories are you wearing with your JAG looks?

Victoria: The cream linen fan or any of our bags!

Emma: Our macramé tote in cream

Looking to the future, what are you most excited for? .

Victoria: SO excited to be having our second baby this July! Theodore is going to be such a sweet big brother! Emma: Just more of this! Enjoying my children every day. Loving my sweet husband, growing The Beach People and being involved in our beautiful community in Kingscliff.

How will you be celebrating Mother’s Day? .

Victoria: Emma and I usually start the day at our church. They do a really beautiful celebration for all women, young and old! A soulful way to start day… and then, rancho relaxo! Emma: I think we will be heading to the day spa with the mothers and dinner with the family. Also, looking forward to some great homemade surprises from my gals!



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