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Adventure by the Sea

The JAG x RUSSH seaside adventure to celebrate our new AW22 collection was able to happen despite the rain. Our JAG friends were transported via boat to the Mosman Rower’s Club, where we dined on a beautiful lunch on the water with a garnish of cocktails.

While the conversation flowed, we discussed JAG’s enduring drive to achieve 95% low impact materials by 2025. This includes utilising more sustainable materials such as organic cotton, tercel and linen blends to craft quality styles that are built to last.

A good majority of JAG’s staple knitwear is Woolmark certified for styles that have been made with quality merino wool. with RUSSH, we were able to combat the cold with style while wearing our premium new season knitwear.

Russh events
Russh events

With a broad range of modern styles that stretch from sweeping maxi dresses to denim shorts, polo shirts, basic tees, playsuits and blazers, JAG is made to epitomise modern Australian style.

Russh events

Our new season range has never looked better than on. From the Emma Knitted Dress captured on @yemisul (Olivia Suleimon)to the Printed Linen Rayon Shirt proudly sported by @greenteapapi1 ( Drew Jones), shop the latest in cold weather style at JAG.

Russh events
Russh events
Russh events
Russh events

Em Gurr @emmgurr

Lucienne Bambridge- Russh @lucybambridge

Nina Miyashita- Videographer @ninamiyashita

Kitty Callaghan- Photographer/ influencer @kittycallaghan

Zane Voloshin @Zanevoloshin

Christelle Schifo- Fleurette-Table styling @fleurette__

Olivia Suliemon @yemisul

Raenee Sydney @itsrainybaby_

Drew Jones @greenteapapi1

Mikka Byarugaba @mikkapedia

Ljubo Milicevic @ljubomilicevic

Jaimee Curdie @jaimeecurdie

Arielle Gamble- Groundswell Giving (Speech on sustainability and doing better on a micro and macro level) @arielleaxel Co-founder of @groundswellgiving

Nitesh Pillai @Niteshpillai

Charlotte Mullen @charlottemullen_