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Journal/Campaign/MOTHER'S DAY 2024


16 Apr 2024


JAG muse and glowing new mum, Harmony Butcher, got dressed up in JAG to show us some of her favourite pieces from the collection that will compliment your shape through all stages of your pregnancy journey, both pre + post partum. ⁠ We sat down with Harmony to hear about what Mother's Day meant to her, what she was most excited about to be a mum.

What are you most excited about to be a mum?

I am so ready and excited for this new season. I can’t wait to see our son grow and be his biggest supporter and cheerleader for whatever it is he wants to do in his life. I also can’t wait for those first cuddles and kisses and to watch my husband be the most amazing father.

A mother that inspires you (and the best lesson they taught you)?

My mum. I wouldn’t be the woman I am today if it wasn’t for her. The list of things she’s taught me is never-ending! It’s hard to pinpoint just one… but if I had to, I’d say that her constant pursuit of authenticity has been a beautiful example for me growing up. She is always encouraging others to “be bold, be brave & be yourself” and by leading by example, she has taught me how to embrace and love myself just as I am.

How will you be spending your first Mother’s Day?

We will be in the precious newborn phase this Mother’s Day so I’m planning on doing a whole lot of relaxing with my husband, our son and our families. I can’t wait to celebrate my mum and all the amazing women in my life that are such incredible role models. Whilst also being able to cherish the simple, beautiful moments of my own first Mother’s Day with our son.

What are your favourite (pregnancy-friendly) pieces from the JAG autumn ‘24 collection?

Since putting on the denim set I haven’t wanted to take it off! The material and fit is so comfy and I love that I’ll be able to take all these outfits into postpartum and beyond.

Mother’s Day can be a hard day for some, whether that’s for people who have lost their moms or are still on a journey to become one. Do you have any advice for them?

Last year’s Mother’s Day was a bittersweet one for me. It brought a lot of joy as I celebrated friends of mine who became first-time mums and at the same time it was a tough reminder of what I didn’t yet have as my husband and I were navigating our own journey to become parents.

This Mother’s Day, I’m thinking of those who are grieving the loss of child, navigating a miscarriage, going through IVF treatments, trying for their rainbow baby, in a season of waiting, grieving the loss of a mother/parent-figure in their life and anyone who may find the day hard.

I hope you know you’re not alone. It’s definitely far from easy but you are stronger than you know. My hope is that one day you will look back at this season and you will realise that all along, beautiful things were blooming in their own time. This is one of my favourite quotes that got me through one of my toughest seasons- “I can tell you that you are being prepared for what’s to come breath by breath, day by day. I can tell you that in this present moment, you are still free to trust that beneath the layers of doubt, worry and fear, something beautiful is blooming here — and even though you may not see or feel it, that does not mean it is not real”. Morgan Harper Nichols






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