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Journal/JAG World/MOTHER'S DAY 2023


20 Jun 2023


Meet the mums who make our brand what it is today, featured in our latest AW23 collection  


My mum is the most generous, warm hearted woman that I know. Even during life's toughest moments, she still puts on a smile and ensures everyone around her is loved and taken care of.

Is there anything from the collection you can see both you and your mum wearing?

I can see Mum and I rummaging through each other’s closets looking for the Trench Coats and the Organic Cotton Wool Knit Sets. Although we have very different styles, we’re both suckers for comfortable classics in the winter!

What do you love about your mum's style?

Mum’s style is timeless and feminine, and what I love about this is that she makes it look so effortless with all of the pieces that she has worn overtime. In fact, she has kept a lot of her favorite pieces from 20 years ago. Mum may be soft spoken, but her style and the way she presents herself speaks volumes.

Brenda wears the and Katrina wears the .


A wonderful moment I cherish is when I see my two kids playing and laughing together, creating memories, and building a special bond.

How would you describe your style now as a mum?

As a mum to two young children, I’m very time poor… so I look for more timeless, affordable and quality pieces that I don’t need to re-buy every season. They also need to be comfortable as I’m often racing after my kids, versatile, easy to care for and definitely no ironing required! The organic cotton wool relaxed slit knit that I’m wearing in black ticks all these boxes!

What’s your favourite winter piece from JAG?

Tie Dye Rib Dress in Indigo – it’s such an easy style that is comfortable (which I’m all about!) and is super flattering and versatile

Jo is wearing our paired with our


The energy that boys have is a lot, but it is so great in keeping my own energy high. There is nothing like the cuddles and love that a mum gets from her sons, it's the best thing ever.

What is your top mum style hack?

When you find a fit or shape that you love, buy it in a couple of colours. It might sound like a lot but a good fit for your body shape is worth the extra investment. I find I buy a lot of things in black first + then I’ll end up also getting it in white or tan as well. It actually helps me to pull together an outfit a little quicker + shaves a little time off each morning getting dressed, when I’m usually already running late!

What are you most excited to see from JAG in the future?

I can’t wait to get into our new season denim – we have an amazing wide leg midrise jean coming, called the Tyla, which is casual + flattering at the same time.

Sam wears our and


I returned to work when Charlie was 6 months old. He absolutely thrives at day care and has done so from day one. His development has been so incredible to watch and everyday he absolutely blows me away with his wit and intelligence.

How do you juggle work and mum life so effortlessly?

I've always been an energiser, a true multitasker and constantly on the go – even before I had Charlie, so when I became a mum, I just kept going!

I returned to work when Charlie was 6 months old. He absolutely thrives at daycare and has done so from day one. His development has been so incredible to watch and everyday he absolutely blows me away with his wit and intelligence. I absolutely cherish our mornings, evenings and weekends together. I have an amazing husband who is an incredible support - we share daycare pick-ups and drop offs and he is so supportive of my career!

I remember my first mother’s day when Charlie was only 9 days old, my husband did the early morning feed so I could sleep in past 10am which is unheard of in the newborn days and to this day Chris is always up before me helping out with Charlie who like his dad is an early riser! (It also could be the fact I’m an older mum – I had Charlie at 39.)

What’s your JAG mum style?

Anything with pockets – Im all about comfort, and functionality! You’ll notice with Winter 23 I’ve created most of the collection to have element of function which is so great for that on the go, casual but cool style.

You’ll find me in our trench coat and cargo jeans this winter, or anything that requires minimal ironing. (note our cotton cashmere lounge sets or the yummy mohair knits). Pockets mean I can throw on and go and ensures I have free hands to chase my crazy 2 year old around.

Katie is wearing our




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